Last Chance for Buffalo Bills to Break Pattern

Ugh: it’s the Patriots.  Cartoonish villainousness always prevails in the unwelcome kind of life lesson.  Can’t evil lose occasionally?  The story never changes, which is like Dick Dastardly and Mutley winning every Wacky Race.  Deviousness is rewarded in this very fair Continue reading

Crushed Dreams Nothing New as Buffalo Bills Leave New England

Eternity gets dull quickly when disappointments never change.  The absence of triumph leads to losing track of the timeline.  Buffalo Bills fans are tired of the “When will it change” theme, which was itself in response to a long stretch Continue reading

Breaking Down How the Buffalo Bills Can Attack Tom Brady and New England Patriots Offense

Pats Offensive Statistics Week 11 is upon us and the Buffalo Bills are set to take on our most hated rival– the New England Patriots. The Bills have only won 2 games out of 26 since Tom Brady has been the Continue reading

Making a Playoff Appearance Not Enough for Buffalo Bills

An infuriating decision that doomed a competitor to runner-up status distracted from persistent disappointment for a team that again watched.  Seeing cheaters prosper made this another painful Super Bowl for Buffalo Bills fans accustomed to life on the outside.  Watching Continue reading

Making Buffalo Feel Like Home for Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

We can stop hating Rex Ryan now that he’s changed his gear.  Enemies defecting to the Bills provide the chance to show that there are no hard feelings over rude gestures.  The Jets would be offended if we didn’t flip Continue reading

A Tour Around AFC East Rival Camps: New England Patriots Edition

Tom Brady

We are now almost three weeks into the 2014 edition of Buffalo Bills training camp and Hall of Fame weekend is in the rear view mirror. By now, the happenings at St. John Fisher have been well documented by numerous Continue reading