Reversing an entire era of Buffalo Bills football

It’s been a tough football century.  Sure, there’s over 80 percent of it left for teams I like to learn useful scoring and halting techniques.  But the trend line has barely inched upward to inspire irrational hopefulness.  The patient remains Continue reading

Work in Progress as Buffalo Bills Take a Break

Messing up a winnable game shouldn’t feel normal.  But reality sets in even as the division gets strange.  The New York Jets, New England Patriots, and Buffalo Bills all have the same record after five games.  It’s just like everyone Continue reading

Uncool Britannia as Buffalo Bills Struggle in Wembley

No matter the country or continent, the Buffalo Bills find a way to crush dreams.  Mister Hyde prevailed on his home turf.  I hope the British don’t think all gridiron football games are like that.  Some things are the same Continue reading