Crushed Dreams Nothing New as Buffalo Bills Leave New England

Eternity gets dull quickly when disappointments never change.  The absence of triumph leads to losing track of the timeline.  Buffalo Bills fans are tired of the “When will it change” theme, which was itself in response to a long stretch Continue reading

Tyrod Taylor Hopes for Membership in Exclusive Buffalo Bills Club

New Buffalo Bills starter Tyrod Taylor wants to be an exception.  There haven’t been many successes at the position he’s staffing.  Buffalo Bills quarterbacks who have led teams to the playoffs or at least been exciting to watch are as Continue reading

Over/Under: Predicting if Buffalo’s Offense Will Improve in Key Categories in 2014

Last week we took a look at Buffalo’s exciting defense in 2013 and predictions were made on how the unit would fare in 2014. This week the offense will get the over/under treatment. Unfortunately, Buffalo’s offense wasn’t nearly as exciting Continue reading